At Calgary Lighting Products, we specialize in commercial lighting solutions – this includes decorative lighting for the hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants, casinos and conference centers.

The objective with hospitality or decorative installations is to achieve the appropriate ambient effect by way of light level. This is done by selecting the correct colour temperature – in this case, warm temperatures. Warm tones are ideal for lobbies and common spaces where the overall tone needs to be welcoming to visitors.

Vintage filament bulbs (the larger ones with filament inside), as well as warm coloured LEDs, are our bulb of choice for common spaces. These warm-temperature bulbs will achieve the inviting ambiance required of the space. We prefer to stay away from fluorescent, cooler-temperature tubes.

Some of our previous decorative projects include the Deerfoot Inn & Casino and Kinjo Sushi. With both projects you will notice that we chose a temperature that would achieve a warm and comfortable feeling.

All in all, lighting is a critical element in any hospitality setting. These spaces are transformed by light, and as such the light bulbs and their fixtures should be a natural extension of the space!

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