Calgary Lighting Products provides lighting solutions for facilities (warehouses, sporting centers, manufacturing spaces, etc.) throughout Calgary and the surrounding area. Previously, we have supplied lights for the YMCA, Calgary Tennis Academy, and DIRTT, just to name a few.

Most often, the lights that we supply these facilities are cool white (4k) or daylight (5k) fluorescents or metal halides. These colour temperatures are considered to be the most energetic light colour due their intensity and greatest lumen output.

A large part of facility lighting is keeping in mind light levels, safety and maintenance. When we work with facilities to address their lighting needs, we conduct an energy audit, light mapping, and offer on-site consultation. The high ceilings found in most facilities can pose a challenge for maintenance, which is why we also offer installations services for those hard to reach lights.

Have you ever wondered which light is right for your space? We’re here to help you make the best decision for your lighting needs! Reach out to us today!