Few environments depend more on lighting than a retail store, where presentation can be the difference in your success. Calgary Lighting Products has been helping retail stores with their lighting needs for over 15 years, including display lighting, showcases, track lighting, store fixtures, and energy efficient solutions.

When we do a retail lighting project we take our customers through a series of questions:

1. What kind of store do you have/are you going to open?

Different stores have different lighting needs. A dollar store can be lit with warehouse lighting, while a jewelry store should incorporate track lighting, highlight lighting, and general lighting.

2. What is your product?

The type of product you have greatly informs your lighting choice. A store selling cosmetics requires natural or white light to ensure that the product colours look the same when you get them home as they did in the store. Halogen bulbs should not be used in a clothing store as the can damage fabrics and “bleach” them.

3. How will your products be displayed?

Will your products lie flat on a table or will they be displayed on a stand? Will you be using display cases? When your product is taken out of the case, do you need lighting directly on it to continue to display it in the best light? The way your product will be displayed plays a large role in determining your lighting needs.

4. What security will you have?

Shadows created by lighting provide an excellent cover for shoplifters, so it’s important that your lighting creates as few shadows as possible. Security cameras usually operate optimally within certain light colour parameters – another thing to take into account when selecting your bulbs/lamps.

5. What kind of mood are you trying to set?

A store’s “attitude” is very important and will help establish your brand. How do you want your customers to feel when they walk in? From light placement to the types of bulbs/lamps used, to the type of fixture installed – the lighting design you end up using will make or break the ambiance you are trying to create.

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