Authors: Nick Brown & Chantal Sylvestre

The Alberta government has established ‘Energy Efficiency Alberta’ as part of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan. With it, the government is launching three energy efficiency programs in the province that will incentivize actions done to promote and support energy efficiency, which will be rolled out in March of this year.

The new Energy Efficiency Alberta’s literature outlines several areas of focus, and lighting is one of them. One of the programs that the new agency is rolling out is the Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Rebate Program, which offers incentives for retrofitting properties with high-efficiency systems, including lighting. Calgary Lighting Products wants to help you take advantage of this new program by addressing your lighting needs.

The new program isn’t the only reason to consider updating your lighting. Lighting can make up 30% of a commercial building’s energy use; 20-30% for condo buildings, and around 10-20% for residential dwellings. This means that updating your building’s lighting solutions can yield meaningful savings. However, the province’s rebate program provides an added motivation to get started on your lighting retrofit.

Also being rolled out by Energy Efficiency Alberta is the Residential No-Cost Energy Savings Program, which will offer direct, no-charge installation of low-cost, energy-efficient products to residences, including multi-family residences such as condominiums. In Alberta this will bring significant savings to the owners of residential dwellings as, according to the ‘Alberta Urban Archetype Study’, the predominant lighting solution in use is still incandescent.

Business consumers should look at rebates as a positive influence from government to enact a shifting global paradigm to sustainability. These rebates could also be considered a ‘carrot.’ It is important to know that this ‘carrot’ is only a sustainable approach so long as consumers do not abuse the system, and contractors operate within its confines. The new technology being used must also be accountable. The government is essentially vetting efficiency projects, meaning adoption processes will accelerate as businesses and consumers gain confidence, so companies should jump in with both feet.

Tune into our blog part 2 of this post, where we discuss the best ways to start taking steps towards energy efficiency with your lighting solutions.