We are a full service commercial lighting team, fully trained to manage all of your lighting installation needs. We have been in the commercial lighting industry for over 40 years.

Our Team

Our team consists of Master Electricians licensed and certified by the Province of Alberta. We’re located in Calgary and the Greater Toronto Area and can work in any province through-out Canada.

Our team has installed thousands of led light bulbs, fluorescent lamps (cfl’s), and commercial lighting fixtures both indoors and outdoors. We are the experts in modern lighting displays, including (but not limited to) pot light installation and track lighting for both the home and commercial lighting setting.

Our Process

We provide the equipment, man power, and commercial grade product, and we responsibly dispose of the spent lamps and ballasts once they are removed. Where possible all fluorescent tubes and ballasts will be recycled and certification is provided upon request.

Our team is fully trained and we have lots of experience in performing this work. Each job will have a Project Lead who will liaise with you, the customer, and the team performing the work. We are fully insured and have WCB.

Our Equipment

We have a full range of equipment ranging from boom trucks to scissor lifts, articulating man lifts, scaffolding and ladders.


Facility Re-lamping
If your facility lights are starting to fail and are causing dark spots, call us and we will replace the lamps and, if required, the ballast. It is essential to have the proper facility or warehouse lighting for you and your workers.

Parking Lot Lighting
When your exterior fixtures start to cycle, flash, or fail to turn on, we will replace the lamp, wipe the lens, and if required replace the ballast. Never be left out in the dark again!

Fluorescent Tube Retrofit
If you are currently using T12 fluorescent tube lighting and are interested in upgrading to the more energy efficient T8 system, contact us and we will provide an audit and change out the lamp and ballast, while making sure the spent parts are recycled properly.

Lighting System Upgrade
Are you moving into a new space, expanding or renovating and want a NEW lighting system? Let us design a lighting system for you that is energy efficient, reduces energy consumption, improves light quality, reduces heat output, reduces maintenance, and looks fantastic.

HID Systems (High Intensity Discharge)
For optimal performance, we recommend a complete relamp as lamps share a similar lamp life and will start to fail in and around the same time frame. HID Lighting run on a lamp and ballast system – in order to get the longest life out of your system the lamps and ballasts will need to be replaced every few years.

Special Projects
If there is any type of lighting project you have in mind, contact us as we are very versatile and would love to help.


Our rates are competitive with industry standards – where possible we aim to complete the work in a quicker time frame, thereby saving you money as opposed to hiring less expensive man power with less experience and workmanship and taking longer.


We make it easy and accessible for anyone who wants to make their facility more environmentally friendly.

How To Buy

At CLP, we want to make sure that you have the best experience with us as possible.

Why Buy From Us

With over 40 Years of experience, we're specialized to help you. Leading the way with LED lighting in Calgary.