You know, the awesome thing about innovation is innovation. LED lighting technology has created increased choices. This provides the property manager, asset manager, or condo board an opportunity to find a solution to fit their needs.

In this article, we cover both the benefits of 2 options. The first option is keeping your ballast. The second option is moving to a ballast-free solution as it relates to LED Tubes (T8s being the most common).

Firstly, LED lights are very efficient with regards to energy consumption, light output, and lifespan. However, there are external factors that impact those efficiencies. Understanding these factors is imperative in order to meet and manage expectations.

If increased costs are a concern, but energy savings are desired, then a ballast compatible option could be the answer. This option delays or offsets electrical work to a more convenient time.

If you are able to pay a little more upfront, you can save the hassle of rewiring and other electrical work down the line by choosing a zero-ballast option.

Before making any decisions, ask yourself, “What is the right fit for my building?” In the condominium market, many common space areas run 24 hours/day. Also, they also most likely do not have a full-time electrician on staff.

However, given the sensitivity around cost management and balanced against operational efficiency, internal driven tubes are most efficient. This is because the building can realize all the benefits from their LED conversion.

With a growing set of lighting options, finding a trusted partner to work with is critical to selecting the right technology for your building’s needs.

Do you have any questions about which option might be the better route for you? Contact us today!