A forward-thinking building, condo board, or PM has several opportunities to increase ROI when undertaking energy-saving initiatives and energy efficiency. There are 3 pieces of low hanging fruit. LED lighting, HVAC controls, and plug load management.

Lighting presents a HUGE financial savings opportunity that most building managers don’t fully take advantage of. This is because lighting counts for almost 40% of a building’s energy consumption, and when you combine LED lighting with lighting controls your building can maximize energy savings and significantly enhance its lighting quality.

Lights being left on in washrooms, mechanical rooms, and other rarely used spaces can cost a building thousands of dollars over the years. Control systems are very easy to install and configure, making them one of the highest ROI opportunities your building can take advantage of without sacrificing lighting quality.

Another opportunity often left on the table is HVAC controls. Many buildings have programmable thermostats, but when the promised savings are not seen it is usually a result of configuration issues. However, when the configuration is optimized, savings will soon start to stack up. The building runs smoother and we start to see the expected savings come through.

The final opportunity that often gets overlooked is plug load. This works best when stacking onto a building’s lighting and HVAC. Plug loads account for almost 5% of a buildings primary energy consumption. While optimizing plug load does require some additional initial investment, it can be the cherry on top and amplify all the savings.

A lot of energy efficiency initiatives yield a very positive ROI for all types of buildings, as evidenced by the many who have undertaken these updates. Our advice? Explore smart building technologies, and enjoy the improvement in your buildings and its impact on your bottom line!

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