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We’re more than just a commercial lighting supplier, we offer additional lighting services to help you get your lighting just the way you want it.

Why Buy From Us?

  • Over 40 Years of Experience, Since 1972
  • We Only Carry Commercial-Grade Quality Lighting
  • IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) Educated Lighting Experts
  • We Genuinely Want to Help You
  • Exclusive Free Candy at Every Visit

We’re Here to Help

We’re here to help. Whether you give us a call and tell us what you need, you know what you need but need pricing or have no idea what you need, we’re here to help. And, if your business needs it, we’ll even come out to you and properly identify your lighting requirements. We like to take pictures, notes and chat with you to know more about your business.

Light Mapping


Lighting Design

On Site Consultations

Energy Audits

Light & Ballast Recycling

We make it easy and accessible for anyone who wants to make their facility more environmentally friendly. A special machine is used which inhales tubes, crushes the glass and vacuums the phosphor, mercury and other gas through a 3 stage filtration process. The glass is ground & washed and the endcaps are reused. Then the filters are incinerated at a very high temperature.

Commercial Supplier

You’ll discover that our products actually cost less than what you’ll find at your local hardware and retail stores. We have a wider product selection, carry only commercial-grade quality lights and have trained lighting experts here ready to help you out; no BS allowed.

Real Customer Reviews



In these times of large corporate entities it is a pleasant experience to deal with a family run business that cares about customer service. We have purchased lighting products for our College from Calgary Lighting since 1993 because the pricing is good and the service is excellent.

Dwayne Prazak
ACAD Bookstore








It is all too often that we complain about service received and often we forget to say thank you when we receive good service. Karim has been looking after our account for a long time now and we are more than overdue in saying thank you to him. Karim always makes time to assist us with our requirements and ensures products are ordered and received in a timely fashion. He has an excellent rapport with our Marcel Landry and Always goes that extra mile.

Susan J. Banks
McCrum’s Office Furnishings


I have been using the services Calgary Lighting for the past six years. They consistently go out of their way to help and always provide excellent service, they carry a good level of stock and are usually able to meet my needs immediately without having to order in.

Casey Kok
Tillyard Management Inc


Calgary Lighting products are truly #1 in every aspect of the services which they provide. They could not be more approachable or more helpful. Their Customer Support cannot be bettered, all requests are answered immediately and issues resolved straight away.

George Taladriz
Sprung Instant Structures


We make it easy and accessible for anyone who wants to make their facility more environmentally friendly.

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At CLP, we want to make sure that you have the best experience with us as possible.

Why Buy From Us

With over 40 Years of experience, we're specialized to help you. Leading the way with LED lighting in Calgary.