Why Buy From Us?

We’re more than just a commercial lighting supplier with amazing customer service. We’re a solution oriented company with many successful projects under our belts!

40+ Years of Customer Excellence

Okay, okay, we’re not all that old here. But, the company was founded in 1972 and together we’ve formed an amazing team of lighting experts to really help you get what you want, need and can recommend other solutions to you too. So, I guess in one way you could say we’ve got a lot of experience because we certainly do!

Commercial-Grade Quality

We’ve paid attention to the needs and expectations of our customers over the years and not only care about giving you exactly what you need but also new and emerging lighting technology as well… just as long as it meets our high standards of commercial-grade quality.

IES Trained & Educated Specialists

There’s a lot of things we’ve learned on the job, but we don’t want you to second guess our specialists knowledge and ability to help you. That’s why each sales person on our team goes to IES classes to get their lighting foundations education.

We’re Here to Help

We’re passionate about lighting products, but its our people who we invest in first because they’re the ones who are here to help you. So, when you come in to meet one of us, you’ll not only have the confidence in our products, but you’ll have confidence in our team and enjoy your time here.